BDC CREW & Recreational Performance Team

BDC CREW will specialize in hip hop, and as such will have different requirements than our current Hip Hop Company Dancers.

Regular stream company dancers can also participate in this program. However, the schedule requirements and focus for this discipline will be slightly re-designed. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

In addition to this, we are excited to be introducing a ‘Recreational Performance Team‘ opportunity. This program is geared for the recreational student who wants to take their experience up a notch, but perhaps doesn’t want the time commitment that goes along with being a full time competitive dancer. It might also be of interest to a competitive student who would like to cut back on their schedule but still wants an enhanced involvement. The Performance Team will not compete, but rather spend their season performing at community events in and around Burlington, as well as (and most importantly!) as part of That’s Entertainment 2021

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