Online Classes begin May 1!

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We are days away from launching our ONLINE schedule! Now is the perfect time to try something new, take classes from a different teacher, see your friends from BDC and stay active! REGISTER HERE

We can’t wait to see you in our virtual classroom! #togetherbdc

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1. That’s Entertainment 2020 That’s Entertainment 2020 has been moved to June 29 & 30.  However, with the rapidly changing timelines we realize this may not be realistic and that there is a possibility we will not be having a recital this year at all. As of right now, the show is still scheduled to go on; however, with every week this continues, the probability we will be returning to the studio in enough time to prepare becomes less and less likely. We promise to keep you informed as things progress and we have more clarity on timelines as they pertain to our season.

2. Ticket Sales Tickets will NOT go on sale Sunday, April 19th as listed in our ‘dates to remember’ or for that matter until we are certain ‘That’s Entertainment 2020’ is moving forward as planned. 

3. Costumes We have heard from some of you inquiring about what will happen with the costumes that have been paid for and ordered should the recital not move ahead as scheduled. Unfortunately, once the costumes have been started and deposits been paid, we can not return them to the costume companies/designers. At this point in the season, all the costumes are at this stage of the game. Many costumes have been delivered and fitted while others are en route.  While we can not refund money paid, we will ensure you get the costume you paid for. We understand that in some cases, a refund would be preferable, however, we have made a commitment to these companies who have completed orders on our behalf. We remain hopeful that the costumes will be utilized.  Those families with a balance owing should have received an email from us to arrange payment.  You can always check your balance by clicking ‘costume deposit’ on our homepage.  

3. Online Classes at BDC! We are excited to share that we have made the decision to pivot to a new mode of delivery for our classes! We hope you have been enjoying the online content we have created over the past several weeks, but we thought it might be time to jump into the world of ‘online classes’ in order to give our students a more interactive experience. We have spent a great deal of time discussing the many ways to approach this and have decided to offer a ‘new’ online schedule of class options covering as many ages/levels as possible. The schedule for May is intentionally broad- it will be our ‘pilot’ month to see where the demand lies.  As we move through May, we will assess and discuss what is working (and what is not) in order to make decisions about what happens in June (should we not be not be back in the studio).  Of course, all classes will be designed to accommodate small spaces, and make sure our dancers are moving safely, but more importantly- will be completely OPTIONAL. Upon reflecting on whether or not our current class schedule could work online, we felt that due to space constraints and the nature of many classes (ie: the objective being to rehearse group choreography), we couldn’t offer you an equivalent service to what you would expect in the studio. With this in mind, the classes offered will be geared at keeping the students moving and engaged in order to bridge the gap between now and when we return to regular in studio classes. Registration is now open.  Click on the ‘register’ button on our homepage in order to view the schedule and sign up.  Class fees will not follow our regular fee schedule and will be offered at a reduced rate. As this way of offering classes is brand new to us, we will be taking the remainder of April to troubleshoot and do some test runs so the process is as smooth as possible once the students join in. Online classes will begin on Friday, May 1st.

As we all know, the unpredictable nature of this circumstance is pushing us all to adapt quickly to things we never thought would be our reality. Here at BDC, we want you to know that we understand that every family is dealing with their own unique situation, and that the new online classes may not be suitable for you at this time, and that’s ok. Mostly, we want to remain connected with you, our valued customers, and let you know that we are passionately committed to getting back into the studio when it’s safe for all of us to do so. We continue to take things day by day, week by week and make decisions according to the best practices advised by the experts. We want to thank you for the overwhelming support; your positive messages are valued and appreciated now, more than ever.

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